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Discover the Best Travel Fishing Rod: Ultimate Travel Rod Comparison Guide!

Far too often I’ve been on the road or on vacation and found myself at a lake or a pier helplessly watching my fellow fisherman relaxing and enjoying the pleasures of fishing. I’d wander from fisherman to fisherman aimlessly asking “catch anything?” or “anything biting?” masking my envy and debating whether or not I should rent a pole. Eventually, I’d cave in and overpay to rent whatever old rod was available, only to spend more time fussing with it than actually fishing with it. There’ve been other times when I’ve had to leave my fishing rod at home for backpacking trips, and have come across pristine streams, ponds, or lakes full of fish! Imagine my anguish as I angrily and reluctantly chomped on custom trail mix instead of a nice protein rich Brook Trout.  You are obviously here because you love to fish and renting some tattered old rod from the local marina or not having one at all is no longer acceptable!  You want to be prepared, able to fish when and where you want, with a rod that you’ve chosen.

We all have our own ideas of what the ideal Travel Fishing Rod is, to some a telescopic fishing rod to take on backpacking trips or to store for a survival situation is ideal, others prefer a multi-section rod that conveniently comes apart for easy transportation, while others want a versatile rod that can adjust to a wide range of fish and adjust to number of fishing conditions. With so many products out there and so many independent reviews, it could be overwhelming. That’s why we created the Ultimate Travel Fishing Rod Comparison Guide, use it to help you decide.

Below is an interactive chart of Travel Fishing Rods that will help you select the Travel Fishing Rod that is best for you

There are an enormous amount of Travel Fishing Rods and manufacturers, there was no way we could list them all. However, many remarkable rods from a large variety of manufacturers at every price range are included in the full comparison guide.

Also, Most of the rods included are designed for a spinning reel but there are a few bait casting, fly rods, and combo rods listed in the full guide.

What is a Travel Fishing Rod?

A Travel Fishing Rod is the most convenient fishing rod for the active outdoorsman or traveler. A large number of fishing rods come in one piece and are difficult to pack and inefficient to travel with. Travel fishing rods on the other hand come in a number of different configurations, everything from telescopic rods to 6 piece multi sectional rods. Whether you are a survivalist prepping for a zombie apocalypse, a camping enthusiast, a backpacker, kayaker, or just going on a vacation, these rods are designed to save you time and space without sacrificing quality.

How to find the Travel Fishing Rod that fits your needs?

Above you will find an interactive comparison chart containing many of the top travel fishing rods on the market today. Take a look at what’s on the comparison guide before rushing to a decision. Review the many different options and combinations of information the chart provides then make the best buying decision for you.

Make use of the Ultimate Travel Fishing Rod Comparison Guide; find your perfect rod, and GO FISHING!

Top 5 Travel Fishing Rods

The vast majority of the travel rods included in the guide are great options; however there were a few that stood out as our favorites. Below you’ll find our top 5 picks for overall best travel fishing rod accompanied by a more detailed review.

Okuma’s Nomad Inshore Saltwater Multi Action Travel Rods-NTi-S-703ML-M

Based on the overall rating,quality of the material used, versatility of the rod, and the outstanding reputation of Okuma the NTi-S-703M-MH is definitely one of the top travel rods available.  With an overall length of 7 ft., the medium light action on this rod won’t allow you to bring in Jaws, but it should allow you to handle most of the game fish a pier or inshore fishing will throw at you. This travel fishing rod comes in three sections that are easily put together and easy to take apart, allowing the traveling fisherman to conveniently transport it, fish it, and store it. Another added benefit of this rod is it comes with two different action tips, giving you the ability to easily adjust to varying fishing conditions.

At a price of $160.00 it is at the higher end, but its quality and versatility make it a good investment.

Eagle Claw Pack-It Telescopic Spinning Rod, 5-Feet x 6-Inch

The Eagle Claw Pack-it Telescope Spinning Rod is a great option for a backpacker, Kayaker, beginner, or if you just want to store it in your car for some impulse fishing. This medium light fishing rod is incredibly compact and fits in backpacks, kayak hatches, and any trunk.  It may not be the sturdiest or most versatile rod on the market but for $20.99 on Amazon, it’s a great value. You’re not going to be able to handle any river monsters on this rod and the action on it isn’t top notch but it’ll do well for Blue Gill, Crappie, Sunfish, Trout, and small Bass.  It offers a low entry point for easily beginners (especially children), and is easily stored in a backpack or vehicle as a “just in case rod” emergency rod.

Tsunami Surf TSTSS 863H Spinning Kayak Travel Rod

This is a tough compact 3 piece surf rod designed for the trophy chasing fishing fanatic. This rod is labeled as a kayak rod but it could easily be used for inshore, offshore, or even in some trophy lakes;        making it versatile and a great fit for a traveler. The rod is made of undirectional graphite composite blanks that are wrapped with a graphite mesh outer layer designed to increase it’s strength, toughness, and sensitivity. It’s 8.5 ft hieght also provides you th necessary leverage to take on and endure the toughest trophy fish fight out there. There isn’t much subtlety or finesse to this bad boy, if you hook it, expect this rod to bring it in for you.

Daiwa Wildnerness Medium Action Spin Pack Rod,(6 1/2-Feet)

Daiwa has been around since 1955 and is known for its quality products. They’ve been a consistent industry leader when it comes to spincast fishing tackle and it should come as no surprise that this Rod is on our list of top travel rods.

The Daiwa Wilderness Medium Action Spin Pack Rod comes in 6 pieces, can convert from a spinning rod to a fly rod, is designed for #4 – 8 mono or #6 Fly line, and breaks down to 15 inches in length. This rod is perfect for going after medium sized game fish like Trout, Bass, Walleye, and Pike. It’s versatility, light weight and breakdown size make it perfect to take when backpacking, camping, kayaking, or canoeing. For the convenience, versatility, quality, and price, this is a great deal.

Daiwa Mini System Minispin Ultralight Spinning Reel and Rod Combo in Hard Carry Case

No surprise, we have another Daiwa product. This Rod may be the ultimate Ultralight spinning reel travel rod; it’s compact, high quality, comes with a case and is fairly priced at $42.69. If you’re traveling in or around small lakes, ponds, or streams it has ideal size. Being an Ultralight, it’s set up to handle Trout, Sunfish, Crappie, and bluegill; but with sufficient skill, it may be able to handle fish up to 5 lbs in weight. Having a hard carry case makes it easier to travel with or store in your car, but the case isn’t ideal for backpacking.

It’s Up To You

Now that you’ve been introduced to our guide and reviewed our top picks for the best Travel Fishing Rod on the market, it’s up to you to decide which rod is best for you. Feel free to sort by price, brand, rating, or any other of the criteria we’ve provided.

New Travel rods are being created all the time.  Because of this the comparison chart will be updated frequently to keep up with the increasing product selection. Also, if we’ve missed a superior product that needs to be included or you’d like to have additional info provided in the guide let us know in the comments section below.

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